Watch Video: Sir Terry Leahy, CEO, #Tesco: Growth, leadership, transparency and your #customer

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Sir Terry Leahy is known for transforming the supermarket industry in Britain, growing Tesco to the largest chain in the country and disrupting the businesses of its competitors through innovations such as the Clubcard.

At Loyalty World 2011 Sit Terry presented on how to engage customer and engage your staff to overhaul a brand and take the lions share of the market.  Tesco's once had under half of the market share that Marks and Spencer’s and even Sainsbury’s owned, now they own 30% of the entire market.  Watch the video below to see how Sir Terry drove Tesco to dominate the Retail Market.




The presentation covers the following bullet points:

  • Understanding why customer engagement is a key driver to business growth
  • What are the leadership traits needed to support your business in developing an effective customer strategy and achieving measurable growth?
  • Developing your business model to have a positive impact on customer loyalty
  • How to build trust, integrity and relevance into your business and customer strategy
  • What's the future of customer engagement for businesses?

Sir Terry Leahy, former Chief Executive Officer, Tesco plc