Download Report: #BigData: Opportunities, Predictions and Analysis

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We conducted a survey of 352 executives working in the data industry.  The greatest number of responses (29.3%) was from the IT sector, with media following up with 22.4%. This is perhaps unsurprising as IT professionals and those working with online media are likely to be those with the greatest awareness of what Big Data is and the opportunities it can yield.

More interesting is the fact that we received a significant number of responses from financial services (17.2%) and retail (12.1%). This suggests that executives within these verticals are becoming increasingly aware of the importance that data is playing or is set to play in their industry. It is notable that whilst executives from IT and Media sectors claimed good knowledge of the big data issue, a large number of financial services and retail respondents claimed that it was the lack of knowledge of the opportunities of big data that was holding them back the most

To find out more, download the report here:  Download BigData 2012 Survey Report

Following of from this survey we have compiled the event programme for Big Data World 2012

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