Evian gifts an experiential Alpine pick me up to Londoners with the post-holiday blues…

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Today (11 Jan 2012) saw the launch of an experiential Evian campaign to bring the taste of ‘Alpine' to its consumers, in a move to improve user experience, drive interactivity and increase brand engagement.

Joe public – you and I – can apply for a 45-minute slot within a derelict container based at London’s South Bank, where we will be exposed to a “one-off pure experience”, including fresh mountain air (from the Alps) and a cozy log fire.

Here at Loyalty World, we think this sounds like an eye catching, fun and memorable idea. It should help build a brand association in the mind of the consumer – which will last, and possibly an activity which could spread virally across London (and other cities) in the post-Christmas January slump.

Why have Evian done this?

Blandine Stefani, Marketing Director, Evian, stated that they were using the “purity of Evian’s Alpine origin, the bedrock of the brand, to set it apart in the market”.

Stefani said January was an opportune time to create a purity experience for consumers and to reiterate the benefits of drinking water, explaining that “people don’t drink as much water at this time of year”.

She said: “Consumers expect Evian to deliver its messages in a different and unique way, which is why we are dropping a container with fresh air from the Alps, with an eating and drinking experience, into London.”

How can we all take part?

Why through the Evian Facebook page of course – you can sign up for yourself and 6 friends for this Alpine experience.

For those of you not here in London, don't worry you can still ‘participate'. Evian’s Facebook fans can choose a range of “Alpine surprises”, ranging from a troop of Lederhosen dancers, to a fleet of husky puppies, to burst in on consumers while in the container….

What do you think about this type of experiential campaign to boost customer engagement and build brand association and loyalty? Have your say by commenting below.

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