Will Big #Data create a rift between marketing and IT? #Measure

In Data & Analytics by Oliver Arscott

analytics, big data, CIO, cmo, data, Measure  Without doubt the most enjoyable part of creating a conference like Big Data World Europe is the opportunity to speak to professionals who are genuinely excited about the work that they do and hold real conviction as to its importance. It is almost impossible not to find yourself swept along with this enthusiasm.

I had the pleasure of a discussion with one of our speakers just yesterday, a VP of Consumer Insight at a major international corporation. We got on to talking about whether there was the potential for negative fallout from data becoming an increasingly integral part of business practice. Early in my research phase I was told that one such area where there could be disruption is the relationship between marketing and IT within organisations. With marketing executives increasingly needing to take on the role of ‘data champion', and therefore seemingly ever encroaching on what was traditional IT territory, there seems to be a belief that relations between CIO and CMO will continue to break down.

Not so said our esteemed speaker. He says that if an organisation is able to instil a culture based around everyone ‘getting out of bed for the same reason: to help consumers' then petty internal squabbles can easily be sorted out. He went on to say that the fundamental reason why arguments spark is because of a lack of understanding between analysts and marketeers. Either the marketeer doesn't understand what the analytics is capable of, or alternatively the analyst doesn't understand the constraints that the marketeer is under. This can be so easily overcome by fostering openness and an ability by everyone to question and understand. He told me that within his organisation there have been numerous examples of analysts and the least data-savvy marketeers working productively side-by-side.

One of the topics that will be covered at Big Data World Europe will be the creation of an executive level CIO/CMO data coalition. It is set to foster some fascinating debate.

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