All publicity is good publicity…right?

In Loyalty & CRM by rebeccam

Hootsuite have compiled the top brands, topics, hashtags and trends that rocked the world of Twitter in 2011. It's an interesting list as beyond the usual suspect tech firms there are some surprises – who would have thought that Myspace would generate so much chatter?


As Hootsuite says "some made the list for good reasons… others for their challenges" (i.e. RIM); however here at Loyalty World we find it refreshing to look at a list that is not based on industry vertical, market share or revenue, but on which brands are generating the greatest reaction and response.

Let's look at a real life case study.

A colleague of mine decided, whilst stranded for several hours in an airport departure lounge, to tweet the ‘well known' airline and publicly express their dissatisfaction. Shortly after returning to the UK (hours not days) this ‘disgruntled' customer had been contacted and offered an acceptable level of compensation.

This seems like a one-nil victory to the customer right, but it's actually far more equal than we initially realise.

The brand is clearly also a winner here too.

· It has been able to quickly and efficiently deal with a situation/customer in a way that has not only resolved the complaint, but also likely turned a public brand detractor in to a vocal brand promoter.

· It has gained insight and further knowledge on how to restore customer satisfaction, and again tested the ceiling and elasticity of compensation necessary to retain customer loyalty.

· It may have also had the opportunity to publically demonstrate its ability to listen, and respond ‘super hero style' to a customer in plight

So being talked about/talked at in the public social media, even for an initially ‘negative' reason, has potential to build brand loyalty.

Let's take a moment to think about the brands which will rock the social mind set in 2012?

Who will consumers be talking about and talking to via Twitter this year? How different will our social media landscape look in 12 months due the exponential increase in social media attach rate for business outreach and customer service alike.

My personal thoughts are that London 2012 and Transport for London will generate substantial chatter over the summer (positive and negative). However which companies we'll be talking about most for the other 10 months is anyone's guess.

Which brands do you think have the reach to compel the most social chatter in 2012? Comment below.