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In a recent article in the Independent, titled "Reckless policymakers killed our pubs: what will their next reform ruin?" Anthony Hilton solidifies the link between legislation passed during the Thatcher administration and the destruction of the pub as a centre for community life in the UK. The main legislation being that which ended the system under which brewers were allowed to own large chains of pubs through which to sell their beer.

While we hope in today's world this would not still be the case, many other examples present themselves- especially in the banking world where the customer focus has been lost. However, this is not necessarily the case for all banks.  MetroBank, for example, have rivalled against old concepts of business which focus solely on making a profit while disregarding the basic needs of customers.

MetroBank and mainly, Anthony Thomson, believe the purpose of a business is to make a product or provide a service that customers value, something they can benefit from. Main differences seen at MetroBank include opening 7 days a week, staying open until 8pm, and having no attempts by counter staff to sell other products to their customers.

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Download the presentation by Anthony Thomson to find out how MetroBank has created a new model and culture in the banking industry and what effects it has had on their growth.

Download here

The presentation focused on:

· How to engage the customer throughout the entire lifecycle

· Ensuring consistent quality of communication through your various touch points – thinking ‘method' ‘not just ‘content'

· Realizing the customer's contact needs: how and where do they want your business to engage with them?

· Understanding how to leverage products, benefits and communication tools to add weight to your engagement campaign strategy


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