Generation Y: If you want #loyalty, get a dog…

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How to bridge the generational divide has always been an issue for marketers in customer loyalty.  Psychologists agree that our value system in in place by the time we are 12 years old, the teen years are spent challenging this, and by your twenties you have your core values in place to take on through your lifetime.  To understand the divide between generations, Dean refers to William Strauss and Neil Howe's "generations idea" of life rotates in 20 year cycles.  Winter – a time of crisis, spring a time of building, summer a time readjustment and autumn, the calm before the storm of winter.

Winter 1925 – 1945 – 2 great events – the Great War and the Great Depression

People born or in childhood at their time, driving and defining values: Sacrifice, Hard work, Perseverance, Don't like Debt, Duty before pleasure, Waste not want not, Dedication and Modesty.

Spring 1945 – 1968 – culture revolution, sex, drugs and rock and roll, Baby Boomers

People born or in childhood at their time, driving and defining values: Idealism, Image, Optimism, Personal Growth and Gratification, Media Savvy, Workaholics, Live life on credit.  The leaders of our countries are mainly baby boomers.

After 1968… If you want Loyalty, get a dog…

The video below is really entertaining.  If you need to know which generation your customer loyalty strategy is failing then watch Deans presentation below.


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