@Comarch: Fire and Forget: Target your #customers based on engagement

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Social Media is a tool for customers to complain and if it's very difficult to track these complaints, especially if these complaints come in the form of photographs.  Google tracks text but not necessarily photos (unless they're alt tagged, but if you're angry who's got the time to do that?).  Take for instance Molly Katchpole, name not ring a bell?  Molly, 22, is credited with forcing Bank of America to rescind its plan to charge customers 5$ a month to use their debit cards by polling online and thousands of customers responded.  9% of Bank of Americas customers to be exact, responded saying they were cancelling their service with Bank of America.

Bartosz highlights Molly in his presentation below as an example of the pure power of social media.  According to Bartosz:

  • 350 million users access Facebook from a Mobile device
  • 50% of mobile traffic in the UK is to use Facebook
  • 250 million photos are uploaded daily

The most avoidable customer complaints are from those receiving the wrong messages.  From receiving too many spam emails, or not relevant content, or for not receiving rewards for being a long term customer, it comes down to you as a marketer to collect data and build your customers loyalty via targeted campaigns.  Reward customers that already spend money and reduce churn by offering free incentives.  To find out more watch the full video below from Bartosz Demczuk, Sales Director, Loyalty & Marketing Solutions, Comarch.



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