Customer Loyalty: Treat your #customers differently

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In Canada the car is king.  Measured travel incidence indicated the car owns 85% of market.  For a small share of the market, rail, bus and air compete for customers.  At Via Rail they base their customer retention on great customer service with the slogan "A More Human Way to Travel". Via Rail launched the Via Preference reward scheme with a three tiered reward system. 

You can not treat the same passengers at different levels in the same way.  By using data analytics and data mining, Francois-Yves defines how to treat your customers on three different levels (never badly! just reward those who spend more with further benefits) .  When you log into the website as a customer, depending on your tier, you see a different level, when you book, you get different responses.  Keep and reward your top tier customers by treating them differently and better.  Learn how to treat your customer differently and retain big spenders by watching the video below.


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