#BI enabling technologies seen as strategic investment by CIOs, according to IBM Report

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Big data, analytics, CIO, CMO, business intelligenceThe fact that CIOs are getting excited by the prospect of investing in new and innovative technologies does not necessarily seem interesting at first glance. Surely heads of Information Technology are always going to be the lead proponents of their organisation spending more on more advanced systems across the whole business. According to a recent IBM report, referenced here by Mike Vizard from IT Business Edge, two thirds of all CIOs see ‘customer analytics and related enabling technologies as strategic investments'. So what?

What this actually shows is an example of CIOs becoming increasingly aware of the important role that they have to play in becoming advocates for an intelligent approach to marketing. This goes some way to dispel what is, according to my research, frankly a myth that IT and Marketing are forever fated to have diametrically opposed opinions. They both see the value of bigger and better BI tools, they both realise that they need to make decisions sooner rather than later in order to not be left behind by the competition. And I think they also realise that budgets are increasingly strapped and so technology options need to be decided upon in a calm and well-thought out manner.

The gap between the CMO and the CIO comes down to allocating who needs to do what, who has authority over what part of the process, and ultimately coming up with a complete plan as to how to move forward. Communication is key and it takes both parties to come to the table together to talk and plan and build their relationship.

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