#BigData Debate: How Mobile-Social is changing the way you connect with your #customers

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Mobile is ultimately a more personal experience.  The  reason mobile is so important is that it's you; it's in your pocket, it goes where you do, it is absolutely unique to you and your experiences. When you check in, when you shop online, when you check your Facebook status, you leave traces of data across the mobile web.  This raises the question, do you own your own data? 

With Facebook, you are the product, their customer is the advertising companies.  By signing terms and conditions you sign over your rights to privacy and Facebook can tailor it's advertising campaigns to make them relevant to your spending habit and the spending habit of your friends.  Google and Amazon join in, if you search for a product in length then you know every advert will be related to that product.

When you hand your card across at a till, who owns your credit card data?  By agreeing to the transaction you allow that retailer access and ownership of your data, which they can then sell on.  I'm sure everyone’s had cold calls a few weeks after purchasing something for a similar product.  When at my desk I can pinpoint the second someone sells my data with job title due to the huge amount of spam i receive instantly from data resellers (Ironic, I know).

Below is a very heated debate featuring the fantastic Tony Fish (if you operate a Loyalty scheme you may know him as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp) with Illico Elia from LBi and Martine Egell with the brands perspective from Mercedes Benz.  Although this presentation is titled "How Mobile-Social is changing the way you connect with your customers", this is slightly misleading.  This is a panel discussion with 3 giant of mobile discussing  the data debate, Screen-Agers and what to do with Big Data


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