Martha Rogers: From Product Centric to #Customer Centric

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1n 1996, Barnes & Noble offered to buy to protect Amazon from the launch of the Barnes & Noble online book store.  Now Barnes & Noble have a market cap $750 million of the market share whilst… $105 billion market cap.  Martha Rogers, Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group defines this as the difference between a customer centric company and a product centric company.

Barnes & Nobel have beautiful stores with great book, display their books properly and have reader points programmes.  Whilst Amazon finds products that their customers like and make them easy to find and offer them at a price that the customers can afford.

Do you need to drive your company towards being customer centric? Watch legend of loyalty Martha Rogers describe and offer advice of how to move towards pure customer advocacy. 



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Keynote: Building Loyalty in the Transparent Age: Your Customers' Expectations are Rising in Real Time

  • Meeting Gen Y and their parents on their own terms
  • What customer empowerment and transparency mean to every organization
  • The three secret to building loyalty:
    • Discarding old business assumptions
    • Accepting the importance of long-term customer equity
    • Taking steps to build long term customer equity
  • The difference between faux loyalty and the real thing:
    • Why it's critical now
    • How we build true loyalty and leave competitors to cut their margins
    • Treating different customers differently
    • Points or cash back or something else?
  • Loyalty's "secret sauce":  Extreme Trust

Martha Rogers, Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group