Top brands in Mexico ranked by #customerloyalty

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Top brands in Mexico ranked by #customerloyalty The concept of "loyalty" is not a foreign one to most marketing directors. Maintaining customer loyalty, or retention is an integral part of assuring your brand's survival, and possible expansion.

Measuring that level of loyalty is another matter altogether- what does loyalty mean? how do customers determine where/who to be loyal to?

Now, a recent report issued by Leventer Group, a market intelligence firm in Mexico, illuminates for many, exactly how loyalty can be determined, as well as which sectors have the highest followings (in this report, Hospitals rank as #1). The report also highlights the top 72 firms within Mexico – both local and international – with the highest levels of satisfaction and loyalty from their customers.

To read the full report, click here.

Some of the top performers include:

  • Cafe Punta del Cielo
  • Holiday Inn
  • Fabricas de Francia
  • GNP Seguros
  • Cinepolis
  • Italiannis
  • Sam's Club
  • Liverpool
  • Fiesta Inn
  • DHL

To meet some of these top companies, and hear from some in person, join us at Loyalty World Mexico, May 15-16 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Distrito Federal. 9 of the top 50 firms will be speaking and sharing their experiences in the Mexican market, along with other market leaders and customer loyalty experts.

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