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loyalty world 2012





For Loyalty World 2011, Susana Miranda Hansford, Internationalization & Operations Loyalty Programmes Manager, Group Marketing, Meliá Hotels International gave a presentation on the steps needed to take your loyalty programme into emerging markets.  The presentation covered vital considerations all businesses need to consider when creating and implementing a loyalty programme in a new consumer market, the different types of loyalty programmes and the cultural, social and environmental integration in consumer markets.


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Global reach: taking your loyalty programme into emerging markets

The presentation covered:

  • What do you need to consider when implementing a loyalty programme in a new consumer market?
  • Examining cultural differences and engagement drivers: brand vs. price, promotions and discounts
  • How can you learn from emerging markets in applying mobile technology and marketing innovation to your customer strategy?
  • How do customer demands differ in emerging markets?
  • Realising the potential of coalition schemes in emerging markets


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