6 sources of inspiration that effective innovators such as Disney, Apple, Google, and P&G use to drive growth

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inspiThis interesting blog was shared with me recently, it focuses on harnessing the power of productive, inspired and actionable ideas to drive your business forwards. This will benefit your customer, benefit your employees and your bottom line.

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The Inspiration Discipline

By Andy Stefanovich, Fred Geyer, and Jesse Purewal


The quest for growth ignites – indeed, requires – ever more dramatic on-ramps to inspire breakthrough products. Samsung dispatches ethnographers to follow teenagers in New York and Tokyo in search of mobile-device design insights. A competition in emerging markets sponsored by HP generates affordable home electronics ideas.  P&G famously co-developed Mr. Clean Magic Eraser through a unique partnership between outside designers, company scientists, and brand managers.

Stories of the “must-have product” and the “killer app” foster the illusion that there is a silver bullet for creating ideas. If we just created a more entrepreneurial culture, argues Yahoo, we could attract the brightest engineers from around Silicon Valley, who would develop products that re-established the company's leadership. If we just increased R&D expenditures, argues Siemens, we could displace GE in key segments by creating faster, safer, and more reliable engines.

Alas, successful innovators report that there's no magic formula… you can read the blog post in full here.