More Love Less Handle… how do Ben & Jerry’s engage customers online?

In Customer Experience by rebeccam

scoopWe've been talking to lots of industry folks about customer engagement online and how to overcome bounce rates by guiding your customers through your website in a way that: a) makes sense sequentially, b) is compelling c) and ultimately drives home an action point, be it to experience, download, contact, purchase etc.

As some of you may know, Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry's will be a keynote speaker at the 10th annual Loyalty World 2012. We're really excited to welcome Jerry to the conference programme, and are lickin' our lips in anticipation of all that yummy chunky monkey expertise he'll be bringing over from the USA.

As a nice Friday job, it is worth checking out the Ben & Jerry's website, whether you want to read the company back-story, check out the product range, get your horoscope told by Mystic Moo (!), or create your dream sundae in the scoop shop, there is plenty to keep you entertained.

With a very distinctive brand look and feel, the Ben & Jerry's approach is a little ‘out there' for most organisations. However, the engaging format and user experience delivered by this site offers a benchmark of quality for any brand.

If you have 2 minutes spare then visit the site and see what you think, but keep your eye on the clock, as the chances are you'll hang around in Ben & Jerry's world for much longer than that!

Have a great weekend

The Loyalty World Team