Watch video: @AIMIA on The rise of the Datarati: Turning customer data into revenue #LWconf

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loyalty world 2012




Rupert Duchesne, President & Chief Executive, Aimia gave an in depth presentation at Loyalty World 2011 on turning customer data into revenue and why customer data is the "new oil."  Through loyalty management, Mr Duchesne believes you can identify, understand and influence the right customers. Learn about the best practices for consumer data collection by watching the video now.


Watch the video.



Keynote Address: The Rise of the Datarati: Turning Customer Data into Revenue

The presentation covers:

  • Why customer data is the new oil
  • Best practices for consumer data collection
  • Deriving actionable insight from customer data
  • Incorporating mobile, digital and social media channels
  • How the next generation of analytical tools will drive marketing


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