#LoyaltyProgram makes taking your animal to the vet pay off

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Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square in Kansas City starts up a loyalty program to encourage pet owners to bring their animals in for regular check ups


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Loyalty Program makes taking your animal to the vet pay off So I have this dog.


Or rather, I live in a house along with a semi-feral canine-type creature whose habits involve lurking, raiding the trash in search of food, and claiming furniture as his own. That’s him in the picture, by the way. Clipping the creature’s nails alone requires myself, another member of my family, 2 pillows, a muzzle, treats, and a leash. We adopted him a few years ago from a local shelter – his former owners had named him Buddy. I suspect someone must have had a dark sense of humor.


Because he is such a menace, we don’t take him to the vet as much as we should. This is admittedly not ideal. To be honest, we just don’t have much motivation to wrangle 75 pounds of untempered hostility into the car only to have the same furry bundle attempt to separate us from the mortal coil upon arrival at the destination.


It is important to take your cat, dog and/or large gerbil to the vet though, and at least once a year. Veterinarians then have a much better chance of catching infections and illnesses earlier on and making sure he or she stays healthy.


Kansas City North Veterinary Hospital has approached a new way of encouraging pet owners to visit more often – the Loyalty Pays Club. The club rewards pet owners who “bring their pets in for an exam once each year and purchase necessary medications” with a 5% discount on goods and services. Those who take their pets for check-ups twice a year get a bigger discount. This kind of program is a good way to encourage pet owners who, for one reason or the other (read: canine demonic possession) have difficulties taking their pet to get examined regularly.


This loyalty program will encourage those in the area to bring their pets around more often, benefitting both the well-being of the animals and that of the business. Everybody wins.


Except whoever has to tell Buddy he’s not allowed on the couch.


Read the MarketWatch article here


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