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 customer engagement

I stumble upon great customer engagement blogs all the time, marketing for our event Engage so I thought I would share these with you. See my top 5 blogs on customer engagement

1. Richard Sedley

Richard Sedley works for Foviance one of the UK's premier customer experience consultancies as the Commercial Director. He is also an Associate Course Director at the Faculty of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. This blog is where he publishes his thoughts about the customer experience industry, customer engagement and his interest in customer psychology. He has just published: Multichannel Customer Experience Report which you can download for free from the website.

2. Customer Engagement

Blog posts from a consulting firm that helps clients grow their businesses with social media, marketing and business development strategies that begin with listening to their customers. This improves customer acquisition and retention and is key to business success.

3. Totango

Blog posts all about real time customer engagement and intention within SaaS applications.

4. Experience Matters

A customer experience research and consulting firm who post content on how to increase customer loyalty by becoming more customer centric.

5.Customers Rock

The blog is headed up by Becky Carroll, long-time customer advocate and someone who is passionate about social media, marketing, and the customer experience. Post include: improving customer experiences and how to drive in increased leads with marketing activities. They aim to help companies re-think their customer service and support.