Best blogs on #customer loyalty

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best blog Customer Loyalty

Ever wanted to know the best blogs on customer loyalty well read on to find which I believe provide great content.

Loyalty Blog

Tips case studies and ideas on building profitable customer relationships.

Loyalty Truth

This blog covers all aspects of Loyalty Marketing, Customer Strategy and all things Customer-Centric. The author, Bill Hanifin, has worked with top companies in virtually every consumer facing industry across North America, Europe and Latin America. His insatiable curiosity to understand how consumers make purchase decisions leads to valuable insights used by business to establish enduring brand loyalty.

Terry Vavra

The author of this blog is Terry Vavra is a world-acknowledged expert in customer retention strategies, having authored (or co-authored) three groundbreaking books.Hi blogs are all on customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty

Read posts on how to build customer loyalty to cut down on attrition, increase referral business and grow repeat sales as well as improve your professional & personal relationships.

Flooring The Consumer

A marketing blog about improving the consumer experience. To get there, it is critical to understand who that consumer is, what matters to him/her in a retail experience, and where to look for inspiration.