Has email marketing finally kicked the bucket?

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A fervor is bubbling within the world's marketing communities as a great debate ensues… should you spend more on social media/mobile marketing or on email marketing? Is email marketing dead?

With more devices than ever to market to, and with consumers growing increasingly impervious to marketing campaigns, what's the best way to spend your precious marketing dollars?

For some, email marketing is passé; an antediluvian strategy that lost its appeal circa 2002 (presumably around the same time ‘Nsync went out of vogue). Others argue: why fix it when it ain't broken? If I'm still deriving value from email marketing, why do I need to rock the boat with a riskier strategy?

But one of the most fundamental issues for marketers when determining how to allocate their budgets is this… "Okay, so I get that social media and mobile are the future. I know they're important. But how do I actually create a viable campaign focused around social media?" Social media platforms are still an ambiguous territory for many marketers, who are unsure how to get those "likes" to actually equate to "buys".

So what's the answer? The short answer is that a lot remains to be seen. As social media portals evolve, so too will the marketing strategies that conform to match them. And the technologies that monitor, track, and capitalize on these strategies will be quick to follow. There are still a number of unknowns.

Furthermore, the right formula for one company may not be the right combination for another. Email marketing might be the bread and butter for one company, but integrated in conjunction with social media for another (see: Pinterest).

Does your company continue to use email marketing or is it being phased out?

Is social media marketing and mobile marketing the way forward, or a waste of resources?

What will the future of marketing look like?

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