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 #customer engagement

Here are my top tips on customer engagement. These tips should engage your customer leading to increased sales and improved ROI

Don’t let complexity allow you to avoid being direct about pricing and timescales up front.

Take time out to guide them through their requirements, providing examples, where possible. Always inform them what things cause delay and additional costs like hosting so there are no late surprises. Keep it simple.

Don’t assume that your client has any knowledge of prices or work involved.

They’re an expert in their own field, not yours

Keep up regular contact.

Customers don’t like unexpected voids in communication, especially if you’ve missed a deadline. And always warn of delays before the deadline! If they have to chase, you’ve failed.

Listen to the voice of the customer and amplify it throughout your organization.

Your employees need to be as sensitive to the current state of service as are your customers.

Aggressively promote the fact that you want feedback.

You want to know when you get it wrong. And, make it easy for customers to contact you and get immediate access to empowered and empathetic agents.

Be Consistent Experience Across Channels

We all know consistent communication is essential to disseminating information about your brand, but many companies forget that age-old rule. If you're offering live chat on your website for customer inquiries, offer it on Facebook. If your service portal extends from your website, it should reflect the brand. People visit multiple places on the web, and in social networks, provide the same experience. Make sure each service portal and web location provides a high quality and rapid response for your customers.

Identify your brand ambassadors and engage!

Every company has fans and naysayers. Identify your best external brand ambassadors and engage them through praise, special promotions and more. Third-party validated positive sentiment carries more weight than internally generated fluff. The best way to engage these fans is a multi-channel response strategy that is hyper-responsive. Don't let praise (or complaints) by customers pass by.

Switch from a Defensive to Offensive Position.

It's unnecessary to answer the same question thousands of times to each individual customer. Utilize knowledge bases to promote self-service and give customers the tools they need to solve their own problems. You'll save money and you'll fix issues before customers even know they existed.

Listen to and engage customers on social media.

Social media has been named a total game changer for the way people interact, and has opened a new channel of marketing, but are companies listening when it comes to service? By providing service and engagement tools within apps and the channels each customer favors, customers can get quality service any way they want-on their own terms.

Design Your Publication for Digital Viewing.

It's a good idea to optimize your digital publications for online viewing. That means you should use landscape orientation and not portrait. Additionally, you should increase the font size of the original publication and avoid using zoom.

According to recent research, publications that are designed for online viewing deliver 12% more reading time per reader. Also, optimized publications are able to contain more pages, which lead to more reading time. However, keep in mind that publications with more than 100 pages are not recommended.

Enrich Your Content with Rich Media.

It's a good idea to enrich your publications with active links and complementary video. One video per page is recommended. Some of the most common video elements include Motion, Read Me, Icons, Animated Logos, Buy Now, and Arrows.

Differentiate your brand.

Do this by providing value as defined by your individual customers in the opted-in-channels they prefer—be they Web, e-mail, stores, direct mail, etc. Personalize e-newsletters to the needs of opted-in recipients with customized content, for example.

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