#Customer acquisition – what do they REALLY want? #marketing

In Customer Experience by Vaughn Highfield


What's your definition of customer acquisition? And how do you drive it? More website traffic, more email clicks, more data, more leads, more sales people?

I was just going back through recent RSS feeds and found this post by Joanna Lord that really backed up everything I've been working on recently.

Customer acquisition is not about volume. Focusing on volume wastes a lot of valuable time. ‘Quality not quantity' is definitely a phrase I've been overusing recently.

Joanna says, "Not too long ago, acquisition simply meant driving mad traffic to your site. We see this in SEO today, and for those of us who have been doing this a while, its a scary reality that we can't seem to shake.

When I think back to the most recent webinars I attended, the last books I read, and the tweets that fill my stream, I can quickly recall a lot of information that suggests the majority of advertisers have yet to evolve past “driving traffic.” I know this, because when it comes to acquisition marketing, a lot of the material out there addresses these actions:  more clicks, more successful form completions, and more purchase conversions.

A lot of today's tactics are stripped down to the action rather than perhaps the most powerful tool marketers have at our disposal — intent. When it comes to the future of marketing we are all seeing a far more social, and customer-focused landscape. Guess what that means? You better start caring about the intent of your audience, and not just driving traffic into your funnel."

In our business this has meant shifting our focus, from providing one source of content – conferences – to providing multiple sources of content – blogs, videos, whitepapers, surveys – with the intention of our suspects becoming interested in what we have to say on their industry, qualifying themselves, and making a decision to buy our products. We can no longer rely on driving as much traffic as we can to our sites and staying in the mindset of ‘converting leads'.

While we're not jumping straight from one strategy to another, our focus has shifted in the last 6 months to producing quality content that people really want (and distributing it through several mediums so they can consume it the way they want too). As Joanna says, it's about asking ourselves what our customers really want, rather than pushing what we have to offer.

Read more about what Joanna Lord of seomoz.org has to say on "Putting the ‘Customer' Back in Acquisition" here.