Find out Just-Eat’s secret to true customer loyalty #LWconf

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Mat Braddy, CMO, Just-Eat gave a presentation at Loyalty World 2011 on customer service in a social marketing age.  Braddy discussed how to integrate customer service into your social media marketing strategy, how to improve customer experience in the social sphere, and how to use Facebook and Twitter as a means of interacting with customers and clients.

Mat joined Just-Eat in July 2009 to give a new perspective to the ambitious marketing objective of the company. He has ten year experience with online marketing: eCRM, online brand marketing strategy, paid search, natural search, social networks and customer service management. He has previously worked at some of the UKs top online companies such as, and


Mr Braddy spared a few moments of his time to answer these key questions:

What is the key trend changing the customer loyalty landscape?

What is the secret to true customer loyalty?

Watch the video below for the answers



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