How #Atos are putting an end to #email

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#GenerationY is over #email. This is exactly why the IT Services Giant #Atos CEO, Thierry Breton, has created a self-imposed 2014 zero-email deadline.

Thierry Breton found that most of the young people that #Atos was hiring were not using email anymore after graduating, preferring instant messaging and social networks. Intrigued by their communication habits, #Atos analyzed internal emails for their relevance – finding that only 15% of the messages were actually useful, and the rest was lost time.

#Atos plan to replace internal emails with the tools #GenerationY are already using – a cloud computing environment, social networks, instant messaging, micro blogging, document sharing and knowledge community.

With all these tools you have to wonder whether #email's days are numbered.

While this is an initiative applied to internal emails only, it holds promise for future external communication.

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