Why businesses can benefit from #influencers in #social communities

In Marketing and Sales, Social media by Lauren Meany

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Welcome to the age of transparency. #ForresterResearch has discovered:

· 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of their friends

· 50% trust online recommendations from complete strangers

· Just 14% of consumers trust advertizing

These stats reiterate that brands no longer control the customer relationship – the customer does.

When I spoke to #LandmarkGroup Manager for #Loyalty Marketing, he stated that identifying, engaging and rewarding key influencers within #social communities was a top challenge for his business. While he recognizes the potential of word-of-mouth endorsement, there is currently no strategy in place to actually engage and incentivize brand promoters.

He also said that engagement in the social space increases accountability of sales, marketing and customer service teams as the interaction is personal. Leads can therefore be more accurately followed up on and measured.

You don't want key influencers having a negative impact on potential or existing customers so getting them onboard and making them brand fans is a must!


Image source: Fresh Networks


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