Why #data is king when it comes to customer #rewards

In Loyalty & CRM by Lauren Meany

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Effectively recognizing and rewarding your #customers starts by understanding them. Customer #data – it is arguably the strongest tool any business can have in enhancing #loyalty.

I spoke with a loyalty manager from #AlTayerGroup, one of the Middle East's largest conglomerates – representing leading brands in fashion, beauty, jewelry, home and automotive. With such a diverse offering, he told me that his biggest challenge is rewarding the right #customer with the right #reward and that #data has to be at the heart of any loyalty strategy to achieve this.

He also told me that the UK's leading supermarket, #Tesco is undoubtedly one of the best examples globally of a great rewards programme. #Tesco effectively use data to mail discounts to relevant buyers. For example, if a customer's data reveals that they always purchase value brand toothpaste, they will be sent a #loyalty discount coupon for a specific and more expensive brand of toothpaste. A subtle up-sell with an incentive to switch! Just goes to show, #data is king when it comes to customer #rewards.

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