How #Eloqua used content marketing to drive qualified sales leads

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#Eloqua, a marketing automation software provider, generated $2.5 million in sales in the second half of 2010 from clients who downloaded content, and it boasts another $3.2 million in contract stages from consumers who first downloaded exclusive content.

More impressive stats:

· Since implementing a content marketing strategy, 17 percent of site visitors have a title of vice president (or higher).

· 25 percent of all visitors who find the site through content are at or above vice president-level.

· Visitors who first find the site via content pieces are 21 percent more likely to view sales demos.

So what's their secret?

· They work with a content marketing journalist to reach the 90 percent of the market that remained untapped

· They use #LinkedIn – #Eloqua found customers who engage the company via social channels are 450 percent more likely to be brand advocates.


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