The end of email? Are emails still an effective marketing tool?

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At any given time when you check your emails there are always "offenders" sat in your inbox – messages that have no relevance to you and unwanted sales promotions.

Too many companies have used this channel to blast sales messages to their database. So you'd be forgiven for concluding that email = spam

Telling everyone has never been easier. Or more ineffective …

I spoke with the Director of #Loyalty Marketing from #LandmarkGroup and he was saying that keeping email engaging and relevant is getting tougher as customers aren't suckers for the sale – they simply delete and block you. Now the key challenge for marketers is how to keep email campaigns targeted and not overload on offers.

And #LandmarkGroup is not alone. I also spoke with #AlFahimGroup's marketing specialist who mentioned that his biggest challenge is what to actually write in each email campaign, what content prospects are most likely to respond to, and what calls to action will lead to clicks and conversions.


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