Justifying 2 days out the office to attend events

In Loyalty & CRM, Marketing and Sales by Lauren Meany



You're busy and feeling the pressure to just get things done? However, being chained to your desk is not necessarily the most effective way to get new ideas, improve your marketing processes or source new sales leads.

Perhaps it worth looking at what you will achieve if you didn't turn up to the office for 2 days…

· It is often said that 2 heads are better than 1. Well how about 100s? Events allow you to get insights and perspectives from your peers and competitors. These insights lead to ideas which lead to strategy. A strategy much better than the one you're currently using. Could you come up with that new and innovated strategy without leaving your desk?

· You might have missed something. Didn't realize you got so much value out of #socialmedia? Didn't realize your #loyalty KPIs miss vital metrics? #Google doesn't always have the answer and you can't find what you don't know what to search for.

· Do you ever struggle to meet your sales targets? They don't pick up the phone or that meeting got delayed…again? In 2 working days, how many prospects do you normally add to your pipeline? Events allow you to meet with 100s of qualified sales leads in one place at one time. They allow you access to people that you've been trying to get on the phone for months. If you came back to your boss with 10 leads in just 2 days, would he be happy?


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