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In Marketing and Sales, Social media by Lauren Meany

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When #socialmedia exploded onto the scene, some dismissed it as a time-wasting exercise – a good excuse for employees to spend hours on #Facebook for personal reasons.

Yet #socialmedia is now being embraced by many organizations as it is understood that social is the new sale.

I spoke with an online conversationalist at #Aramex in Jordan and was surprised to learn they are ahead of the game and have already been engaging consumers through social platforms for 3 years. Yet as more and more consumers go social, making the time to respond is getting tougher.

It is no secret that #socialmedia, while undoubtedly cheaper than traditional marketing, has its own cost – Time.

However I would argue that spending your time on #socialmedia is time well spent.

I read this great eBook on The Social-Powered Enterprise by and it was extremely useful in summarizing how #socialmedia can transform and improve the effectiveness of your marketing, sales and customer service processes.

You can download it for free here:

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