Measuring #loyalty programmes

In Loyalty & CRM by Lauren Meany


Measuring loyalty programmes


What makes for a successful #loyalty programme? How do you measure its success?

Launching a loyalty programme requires investment and a business case to justify this expense. So how do you keep the board onboard?

From speaking to a loyalty executive from, #DNATA, I discovered they measure the success of their programme by the value and number of points redeemed, as this is an indication of engagement. However rewards programmes only really kick in a year after #loyalty programme launch and keeping these rewards relevant and valuable to a vast consumer base remains a key challenge.

Successful #loyalty programmes are tied to strong brands, like #Emirates #skywards or #Tesco #ClubCard. Which came first? Was the brand strengthened by the loyalty programme or the loyalty programme optimized through their Super Brand status?

Establishing performance metrics for loyalty programmes remains a key challenge for customer facing brands as ROI is focused purely on financial measure and thus is a little restrictive. What about participation & attrition rates, average spend, referrals and comments? How do you accurately measure the success of a loyalty programme against its objectives?


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