Top report on #Bigdata – how #data drives productivity, competition and innovation

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big data


I read this really great report by #McKinsey called #BigData -The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity.


What is big data?

Volumes and volumes of customer information captured by enterprises and generated through the rise of #multimedia, #socialmedia, and the #InternetofThings.


I have summarized the key insights of the report:

· #Data is growing at an alarming rate

· This is a good thing. It adds value: Usability, performance, segmentation, decision-making and product development.

· #Data is the new competitive edge

· Using #bigdata makes your business more profitable and productive

· Some industries stand to gain more from #bigdata

· A talent shortage is looming

· There's always a catch – privacy, Security and IP will need to be addressed.


Download the full report here:


Image source: Nemark Technology


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