Turning “likes” into “buys” – how can brands engage with fans via social media?

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Tiffany & Co. Nike. Harley-Davidson.

These are some of the world's sexiest and most exciting brands. Yet even they have made little progress toward actually converting their Facebook fans into genuine customers (an average of 1% engagement, to be specific). Sure, brand pages are helping to generate some buzz… but recent studies have shown that engagement is abysmally low – even among the world's powerhouse brands. Once fans "like" a page, there is generally minimal follow-through… in most cases, one post or less. The engagement is absent.

Why are brands finding Facebook such a tough nut to crack?

For starters, Facebook users may be adverse to brands trying to infiltrate their space in an overtly commercial way. Brands need to feature interesting content and create incentives for users to engage. Sales pitches need not apply.

In the realm of Facebook, high quantities of fans do not always equal quality customers. As the late Andrew Ehrenberg posited, brands generate growth by reaching large numbers of casual shoppers who can be easily swayed toward one brand or another. Facebook fans, as it turns out, are more likely  to be heavy buyers – which hinders brands' overall growth potential (heavy buyers are already spending… eventually their investments will cap out, while light and medium buyers have the potential to be converted to "loyal" customers).

So what can brands do to make their social media campaigns more effective? It's clearly the million dollar question on every marketer's mind.

Have you enlisted a successful social media strategy you'd like to share? Comment below!

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