12 #Digital Skills PRs Should Master #CMOShow

In Marketing and Sales by Sammii

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Ever feel like PR is a constant race to keep up? To keep up with new techniques, new best practices, new worst practices? Join the club. We feel like that too sometimes. The good news is that, as a global PR agency, there are 300 of us here at LEWIS working on keeping abreast of the latest – and best – ways to communicate. We benefit from our collective learning, so we wanted to share that learning more widely. We picked the 12 digital techniques we think PR professionals and communicators most need to master and put them into a brand new book: The Changing Face of Communications.

The fact is, this industry has changed irrevocably. The methods and channels we use to communicate, the expectations of the audiences we communicate with, the way we measure the impact of that communication, the timeframes, the timezones and the techniques – they are all different. We're dealing with a whole new set of digital marketing rules. Some basic principles have stayed the same, but you still need to step up and master the new rules of PR if you want to be successful.

We've broken the task down into 12 bite-sized guides to get you started. Learn how to apply SEO to your PR campaign to boost your brand's online visibility. Or how to take your corporate blog to the next level. Or even how to optimize your web site for conversions.

For the next two weeks on the Customer Love blog, we’ll also be exclusively sharing additional insight into two specific chapters of the book, so please tell us what chapters matter to you the most in the comments section below and we’ll focus on these accordingly.

To download the book or to request a hard copy for you and your colleagues, please visit: The Changing Face of Communications and if you have any further questions or comments, please email: hellolondon@lewispr.com