MileagePlus Gift Card Exchange: What you should know

In Loyalty & CRM by vincentre

United Airlines Aircraft United Airlines recently announced the launch of its MileagePlus Gift Card Exchange Program, where customers can transfer the remaining value on gift cards from over 60 retailers into award miles.

This was launched at the right time, far out enough from the holiday season and around the Valentine's Day holiday, so there's a good share of people out there with stacks of gift cards.

But is this the ideal platform for customers to use those untouched gift cards? Time's Moneyland blog aggregates some very interesting statistics on usage rates of FFP and gift cards and highlights some of the quirks of the program.

Then again, if you're the type who re-gifts AND has a habit of mistakenly re-gifting back to the original person… you might want to take a further look into this program.