Why do you think asking for #customer #feedback improves your offering?

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I recently asked the question: Why do you think asking for customer feedback improves your offering? I posted this question on LinkedIn and here are a selection of the best responses that came through.

Thank you to everyone that replied for your feedback and time. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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Dmitry Derplonsky Software Engineer

Well, As a customer:
1. I get tired of having to or being bother by reviewing every little insignificant transaction.
2. I have only 2 reviews, good and bad.
3. Either contact was satisfied as agreed or it was not…

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Fang Lu Assistant Business Development Engineer

Agree, feedback from customers help company focus its resource on the right thing.

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Renjit Ebroo Coach: Organizational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship

Allow the customer to talk. S/He’ll gladly do so. Listen deeply. You’ll figure out where s/he is headed. And if you’re capable enough, you’ll be there to receive them and not someone else.

Reply to Renjit Ebroo Louis Halton Davies Innovative Marketing Executive

I think customer feedback can be an important asset on a number of business levels.
I’m always reminded how the customers who identify themselves by providing feedback or data are only the tip of the iceberg. The number of customers who buy your product or talk about your brand will never be finite.
Especially in this economical climate – quality of product is key for repeat custom (at least on a B2C basis). If you don’t ask the users of a product or service at least what they like or don’t like, your product or service perception will never be objectively accurate.
And even if not’s not for evaluation purposes you’re asking your customers to get in touch, you still need a level of brand engagement. I often notice that it’s more often major corporations that focus on their end-users while smaller brands focus on the business side of things. Get people to engage with your brand – the ones that do are your loyalists and I think it’s vital to identify them.

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Joy Goodman Customer Service Advocate

Unfortunately, most feedback that customers offer on their own initiative stops with the initial employee who receives it because there is no process in place for passing that information along so it can be analyzed. Requested feedback on the other hand, usually comes in through dedicated channels directly to those who can/will use it to improve products and services.

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Elio Harmon National Sales Director at WOW!brands

Customer feedback is great but not just for the sake of it. The problem most of us humans and companies have is that feedback requires change. And we all know how easy it is to change habits or work culture. Just ask our spouses, family members or co-workers. The commitment that needs to be made is not to request customer feedback but the commitment to change.

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Denise Lones Peak Performance Expert | Marketing and Training Consultant, Strategist | President and Founder, The Lones Group

Customer feedback is absolutely critical to an improved product or service. As business owners, we think we know what customers want, and we think we know whether or not we provided that. But all too often our perception of the experience doesn't match the customer's. With detailed feedback from the customer, we can adjust our product or delivery so it more closely matches their expectations. That's a win for everybody.

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Wallace Jackson Multimedia Producer, i3D Programmer, Acrobat 3D PDF, Android App, Virtual World & iTV Design, Kindle, Nook & Sony eBooks

It’s critical because it’s an integral part of the on-going product development loop! 😉

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Why do you think asking for customer feedback improves your offering? I look forward to hearing what you think?

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