Download whitepaper: The Future #CMO – 8 Building Blocks for Success

In Loyalty & CRM by Vaughn Highfield

The Future CMO

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Written by Dr. Ralf E. Strauß, Global Head of Product Management, CRM Marketing at SAP AG and Dr. Uwe S. Schuricht, Founder and Owner of Change Group in Berlin, ‘The Future CMO' summarizes the results of a survey of CEOs from large and midsize companies.

This survey showed that CMOs should underline their contribution to the company's success effectively, transparently and traceably by pursuing activities in eight spheres of actions. The interviews show that when CMOs implement these eight building blocks, the rather critical marketing situation can be turned into a sustainable success.

‘The Future CMO' goes into detail with some of the challenges that marketing is increasingly dealing with in the following areas:

  • Social media and Web 2.0 – communication and interaction with the well-informed consumer
  • Total Customer Experience (TCE) management
  • Declining customer loyalty
  • From the mass market to one-to-one

And it discusses topics such as, the discrepancy between expectations and corporate reality, legitimacy and credibility at management level, success factors and building blocks for future CMOs and the challenge of providing a measurable contribution.  

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