Sir Terry Leahy’s secret to true #customerloyalty

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Sir Terry Leahy, former Chief Executive Officer, Tesco plc gave a presentation at Loyalty World 2011 conference on growth, leadership, transparency and your customer.  The presentation covered leadership traits needed to support your business, developing your business model to have a positive impact on customer loyalty and the future of customer engagement for businesses. 

Leahy mentions, "A lot of what we do encourages people to be promiscuous. You need to put your marketing money behind your existing customers and reward them for being loyal. The economics are much better in terms of return on investing behind loyalty."


We caught up with Mr Leahy who spared a few moments of his time to answer these key questions:

What is the key trend changing the customer loyalty landscape?

What is the secret to true customer loyalty?

What is the most valuable thing you will take away from Loyalty World this year?


Watch the video below for the answers



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