Tony Fish’s secret to true #customerloyalty

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Tony Fish, Entrepreneur, Author and Investor, AMF Ventures gave a presentation at Loyalty World 2011 conference on "Mobile: the ultimate tool for customer empowerment."  The presentation answered questions on whether mobile is the ultimate solution to meet the demands of your customer, the practicalities of implementing a mobile strategy and on how to measure the value and ROI in mobile marketing. 

Tony Fish B-Eng MBA C-ENG FIET FCIM, acknowledged public speaker and is the author of “My Digital Footprint: a two sided business model where your privacy will be someone else’s business” Nov 2009 and has previously co-authored two books on mobile and innovation: “Mobile Web 2.0: the innovators guide to developing and marketing next generation wireless/mobile applications”, August 2006; and “OpenGardens, the innovators guide to mobile data industry”, December 2004.


We caught up with Mr Fish who spared a few moments of his time to answer these key questions:

What is the key trend changing the customer loyalty landscape?

What is the secret to true customer loyalty?

What is the most valuable thing you will take away from Loyalty World this year?

Watch the video below for the answers



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