How to utilise #CRM to keep ahead of competition

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Denis Hure, CEO of The First Club helped brands utilise CRM to keep ahead of their competition at Loyalty World 2011. He sees the biggest growth in the loyalty sector coming from the smaller companies in the market who can now afford a loyalty programme that is just as efficient as established companies thanks to the cloud.

"This is the social revolution"

Companies embracing this revolution are stock wise doing better than their competitors. Facebook has bought us transparency of communication and we're on the verge of seeing more social users than email users and it is affecting the loyalty sector.


People want:

  • everything now
  • access anytime anywhere
  • to be considered as humans
  • to be looked after
  • relevancy

They don't want:

  • restriction
  • delay to earn rewards

Which elements make a loyalty programme reliable?

  • quality products
  • on time delivery

Cloud CRM systems can help companies to provide just that. You can get things running in the cloud in just a few days, it's flexible and scalable and gives you automatic upgrades so you don't incur on-going additional costs. It is a more cost-effective solution for small businesses than an internal IT team.

What are the challenges of a cloud CRM system?

  • of platform fragmentation
  • of social media
  • of social enterprise
  • of speed to market

And the benefits?

  • all the tools/services you need exist – Including the ones to enter the social revolution
  • upgrade is a non-issue
  • your time to market can be divided by 10
  • you can reduce your costs by 10


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