How to take #mobile advertising beyond the campaign

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Maurice Lévy is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Groupe, the third largest advertising and communications organization in the world. Under his stewardship, Publicis Groupe has been transformed into a global powerhouse of top creative advertising and marketing agencies and is today a pioneer in digital and online communications.

Some early facts from Maurice.

  • 91% of us keep our mobile on us 24hrs a day.
  • 60% sleep near their mobile.
  • 40% of people would rather loose their wallet then their mobile phone.

Mobile is the most personal, intimate and detailed and can cement or destroy the bond between brand and consumer.

"Mobile is a fantastic tool, as long as we don't abuse it. The greatest challenge for us is the challenge of privacy."


Mr Lévy's keynote address discussed taking mobile advertising beyond the campaign. He discusses assessing the impact of mobile, educating the consumer and improving their brand experience.  By utilising the on-the-go nature of our consumer and providing them with solutions to their problems, businesses can take their advertising strategies to the next level and beyond.

In a recent article on AdvertisingAge, Mr Lévy gives us this fantastic quote on the future of advertising:

“The new model of the agency will work like an eco-system. Everything has to fit and contribute ‘rationally’: the understanding and knowledge of the consumer, how he/she interacts with society, the understanding of the product, the brand, the competition, the ‘marketing-mix,’ media and non-media channels, and above all the idea.”

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