How to secure your #cloud and protect #BigData

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What will happen to your data privacy in the Cloud?  Why is Mobile Cloud Computing the Future? Kapil Bhatia presented on Cloud Computing last year and has given us some interesting insight to privacy, data and the future of Cloud computing Via mobile.  Moving the trend forwards in the smallest companies is the affordability and flexibility – Raymond Boggs, VP of SME Business Research, IDC.  I've listed some of the benefits and challenges to come from data in the cloud below.

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs are saying "yes" to cloud:

  • Lower Initial Costs
  • Lower Overhead Costs
  • Promotes Real-Time Collaboration
  • Reliable and Secure Data Storage
  • Allows Mobility

The benefits to operating in the cloud

  • Little or no capital investment required
  • Variable pricing based on consumption; buyers ―pay per use
  • Rapid acquisition and deployment
  • Lower on-going operating costs
  • Programmable.

Data Security inside the Cloud.

  • Data storage and the data processing happen outside of the mobile device – E.g. Gmail and Google Maps
  • Web Based Apps popular than a particular App store -FT App more popular than app sold on Apple Store
  • Deployment Models
    • Public
    • Private
    • Community
    • Hybrid

Download the full Mobile Cloud Computing presentation to find out more:  Mobile Cloud Computing by Kapil Bhatia

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