5 key phrases that turn your customers off

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5 key phrases that turn your customers off Like any relationship, the one between company and client is fraught with hidden meanings and phrases that require dissection. While most companies might consider these key phrases instrumental in their customer service policy, it is important to understand how your customers are interpreting these phrases, and how it can negatively affect your business.

5 key phrases that turn your customers off:

1.   "That's our policy"

What the customer thinks: "So basically you're telling me ‘too bad'"

2.    "There's Nothing I Can Do"

What the customer thinks: "Then why did I spend all of this time speaking to you?"

3.    "Would You Mind Holding For A Moment?"

What the customer thinks: "Of course I mind"

4.    "You'll have to go to our website"

What the customer thinks: "Can you give me a little more to go on? I'll be stuck on that for hours"

5.    "That's the manufacturer's responsibility"

What the customer thinks: "Well you were happy to take my money, just not claim responsibility?"

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