Fueling loyalty at the pump

In Loyalty & CRM, Technology by vincentre

Fueling loyalty at the pumpBP recently launched its ‘Pump Rewards' program, which will allow customers to seamlessly redeem rebates gathered on the BP Visa card towards knocking off the price of gasoline when fueling up at the station.

Gas prices and loyalty have recently taken a major spotlight. With gas prices reaching critically high levels, customers are looking for any way to cut down on travel costs and redeeming loyalty points for fuel can be a cost-effective short term fix. The Kroger Co. announced that part of its performance is due to the success at the pump for cashing in on loyalty points, which leaves one to wonder if grocers without such a ‘food for fuel’ offering will be at a natural disadvantage to competitors if gas prices continue to rise.


Source: BP p.l.c.