Middle East brands to personalize and localize #contentmarketing

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Localized content marketing


Middle East brands are set to personalize and localize content marketing.  The Middle East hosts multiple nationalities and cultures, particularly in the UAE. Even though Arabic remains the primary language in Saudi, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, English is the common language in the UAE.  As long as brand messages are delivered in plain English, those who adopt English as a second language can still find content engaging.

UAE brands have started to experiment with content marketing in different languages in order to engage a diverse audience.  Not only does the social marketer need to have an understanding of your brand, but also needs to understand the unique culture and language of the target audience to effectively communicate content. Brands which inject a personality, interactivity and fun into their communications tend to be the most successful in the social media space.

Arabic content is very difficult to source, particularly video, however this does mean that SEO is much easier due to the user base being so much smaller.

Given how diverse the UAE is, brands are now seeing opportunities to improve engagement by leveraging personalized and localized content.

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