The 5 best #socialmedia strategies

In Loyalty & CRM, Social media by Oliver Arscott

Social Media, Customer Loyalty, The North Face So you know what mistakes to avoid, and how to get started in building an online community, but what do you need to do to create an effective social media strategy?

I recently read a really concise article from the technology network Bit Rebels, which sets out five key areas to focus on when defining your social media strategy. These are:

1. Be Active

2. Be Interesting

3. Be Humble

4. Be Unprofessional

5. Be Honest

We could perhaps add a sixth, overarching theme to this list: Be Human. The phenomenal advantage that social media has over traditional channels is that it allows a brand to move from a faceless corporation to one staffed by real, funny and engaging people who want to interact with you personally, rather than with a broader market. Social requires a different writing style, a different set of procedures, a different mind-set entirely to use it to it's fullest extent. It is perhaps not surprising then that it is the newest brands who are doing social media the best.

What social media strategies have you put in place? Have these been effective?

Social Media is set to be a major theme at this year's Loyalty World. For more information about how The North Face benefited from attending the event click here.