How to tell your #brand story with #Facebook

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Brands can use Facebook to tell their story.  After all, Facebook is a collection and amplification of stories.  The challenge that exists for marketers is how to tell their brand story effectively.  Facebook are making it easier by launching Facebook Timeline for Pages

This feature allow brands to reach a wider audience while delivering a much better story.

I read this great article by Forbes on how to tell your brand story. Here's it summarized:

  • Let everyone know your brand's history.  I was surprised to learn that American Express started as a courier service in the last 1800s.  Read the full article to find out why Coca Cola was originally invented.
  • See your role as a curator.  The timeline feature allows you to assign "stars" so share-worthy and "star-worthy" stories maintain the spotlight.
  • Use your app for story sharing. Stories need action so build your apps around verbs
  • Amplify.  Make better use of your existing "likes" and app users
  • Stories are weighted with images.  It is empirically confirmed that images are more powerful storytellers than text – you need to get into people's news feed

Read the full article here

Image Source:  techinasia

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