How to decide and act upon a relevant #BigData strategy

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Have plenty of customer data but don't quite know how to use it?  With the unending increase in new technologies that are evolving rapidly, it is easy to see where the difficulties lie in deciding where to focus your efforts in regards to marketing and customer data.

According to eMarketer, "findings from IBM showed that in the next three to five years, 82% of CMOs surveyed worldwide will increase their technology investment in social media, and 81% plan to focus on customer analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, two technologies designed to help them address the impending issues and concerns surrounding the growing amount of available marketing and customer data."

Gavin Meggs, Strategic Insight Director, Sky IQ discussed these issues and more at the Loyalty World 2011 conference.  He shows how to turn big data into big insight by working out what data is required to satisfy your objectives, how insight can change your customer perspective, the cost of ‘getting it right', and making sure you are getting results from your investment.

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