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In retail, knowing wants your customer wants is paramount to be successful in an ever competitive market.  If you use Big Data correctly this can not only improve customer experience but can also increase your sales by offering relevant products at relevant times.  At our Cloud Conference in Dubai, Ramesh Cidambi, Senior Vice President -IT & Logistics at Dubai Airport offered his findings on how to use data successfully in the airport.  Now I know what you're thinking, airport duty free, not exactly high street retail.  But think how complex and detailed this purchase information is, 60,000 purchases on average per day.  This is a huge amount of data and Ramesh's presentation goes into detail of how to manage and utilise this data.  And there is only one place to store this mass amount of data: The Cloud.

He starts with the types of data that pass through their duty free.

Data stack at Dubai duty free

Operational data

  • Logistics data
    • Material handling system for Automated warehouse
    • ORWMS for Manual warehouse
  • Stock orders, stock transfers etc …
    • Originates in the Oracle Retail modules
    • Transferred to Oracle Retail Data Warehouse by the daily night batch
  • Financial & HR data
    • Invoices originate in Oracle retail and are transferred to EBS
    • Other Financial and HR data Originates in E-business Suite (EBS)
    • G/L Entries generated for sales and inventory
  • Sales data (Point of Sale)
    • 60,000+ transactions per day on average
    • Sales data is transferred to the Oracle retail data warehouse
    • E-Journal records all transactions at Point of Sale

Daily, Dubai Duty Free processes over 2TB of production data alone, to find out how their systems work successfully, please download Ramesh's presentation and look at data on a grand scale.

Download Ramesh Cidambi, Senior Vice President -IT & Logistics at Dubai Airport presentation here: Data is everywhere The cloud and the analytic imperative – Ramesh Cidambi

If you want to learn more on utilise your big data, have a look at our conference website.  There are 4 streams to accommodate wherever you are in your data process: Store it, Use it, Analyse it or Protect it.